Hello to all the mums out there. I’m so excited to share the very first post on our blog, a space to share thoughts about motherhood, self-care, and work-life balance, as well as thoughts about important decisions like returning to work after a career break and so on.

I know it may sound weird for us, mums, to read the phrase “it’s all about you” when we know it’s all about them (kids, house, partner, even the pet!) and usually we are last on the list. Without sounding like a victim, I would like to share in this post some reasons why it should be all about you. I remember being in a talk for mums a while ago, in which they made a great comparison between the instructions for getting the oxygen masks on a plane (when they say that adults must wear them first and then assist children) and how we should be in our roles as mums. So, whenever you feel you need to put the oxygen mask on, I hope at least you remember one of the following reasons why it should be all about you:

*Because the time for yourself, time to disconnect, and to boost some energy will make you happy, and a happy woman leads to happy children. It can be something like coaching sessions, time with friends, exercise, etc

*Because your kids will have their life and routine so early in life that you will find it hard to believe (their classes, group of friends, and activities from their early ages), and then, when they get a bit older, will leave as you did. That’s why it is important to think about your own needs and expectations if you want to go back to work or perhaps upskill or reskill to pursue a new career after motherhood. There are lots of options out there to have clarity on this like career coaches or even government funded courses. You can also look for the best jobs for mums to see if they are for you.

*Because once upon a time, before the kids arrived, you were also a single woman and then became a wife (or a partner) and you used to have clean clothes on all day and put perfume on

*Because you may worry so much sometimes that you can’t help it, but the truth is that your kids will do well and they will be fine, because you have been there by their side in the most important moments of their lives, and you have worked so hard to bring up good kids, to teach them manners, to eat healthy food, to respect each other that it must go well

*Because being a working mum or a staying-at-home mum is a personal decision. What matters is that it makes you happy, knowing that’s what you want for your life

*Because not all mums can afford not to work, and two incomes may be necessary, or just earning your own money will boost your confidence, will give you some security, and will make you feel simply good, so if you relate to any of these, explore the options out there. You may be surprised with the number of options available to work from home, returners programmes, or the best careers for mums even in areas as new as the Metaverse.

*Because having a balance in different aspects of your life defines your mood, plans, and the way you see the future

*Because by looking after yourself, you are teaching them the importance of caring about your well being

*Because who doesn’t love to have a good exercise routine or a nice walk outside, maybe one-hour swimming or a Zumba class?

*Because you are worth it

Can you think of any other reason why it should be all about you?

Thanks for reading!

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