This is us behind Between Mums! We are Laura and Don, married with two children (10 and 8). We are passionate about entrepreneurship and know really well how it feels to be working parents juggling with the demands of work and family life. Our aim is to help mums in the journey of rethinking their career after a break looking after their little ones and to help them shine as fulfilled women.

We share a passion for discovering amazing services, communities, groups and products to support mums to shine again professionally once children have started school or they have more time to think about themselves and what they want to do next.


*Do you feel ready to relaunch your career after a break, but don’t know where to start?

*Do you want to to find a new purpose in your professional life after being a mum?

*Do you feel it is time to shine doing something you enjoy while you get paid for it? 


We want to provide mums with valuable information and resources to help them make the best decision for themselves and for their loved ones. How can we help you?

~Try our purposematch quiz and find amazing options to support your plans of returning to work or changing career.

~Join our mindset mini-programme “Let your light shine”. Free to access and full of tools and advice from top coaches to feel empowered to move towards your goals with confidence.

~Browse our Mum’s Academy packed with online courses and resources to help mums at every stage of their journey. The courses cover essential topics such as Career change and job search, managing burnout and stress for busy mums, and rebuilding confidence. As we will be introducing new courses regularly, sign up to our newsletter for updates.

~Join our upcoming ‘Between Us’ Workshops. Delivered virtual and in person, our expert-led workshops offer a safe space to learn, share and grow together.

~Check out our blog with posts about working mums, parenting, confidence, job search and everything in between.

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