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I support high achieving but unfulfilled women to experience unstoppable success on their terms without sacrificing themselves in the process.

About you 

You now:

•You're on your way to burnout, in a constant blur of busyness but none of the things you're doing are for you. 

•Your life looks good 'on paper' but you can't helping wanting more and thinking 'is this it?'

•You've forgotten who you are and what you love, it's been that long since you thought about it.

•You have got HUGE potential and know you're meant for more but the fear of failure and the pursuit for perfection is keeping you stuck and stagnant. 

What you want instead:

•To step off the hamster wheel, take back control of your life and career and stop living on autopilot.

•The courage be honest with yourself about what you REALLY want and not feel guilty about it.

•To remember who the hell you are, reclaim the parts of you that got lost along the way and confidently take up the space you deserve.

•The unshakable self-belief and confidence that you HAVE got what it takes to get out of your own way and not be held back by fear.


About me

I provide: 

Support for women in the form of 1:1 and group coaching, mentoring and training.

On topics such as:


•Habits & routines 

•Beliefs & behaviours    

•Boundaries & people pleasing 

•Fear & comparison

•Confidence & comfort zones


•Mental toughness

Basically, helping you with all of the things that have the power to make you feel..

•The need to constantly countdown to your next day off.

•That awful dread in the pit of your stomach on a Sunday as you think of the week ahead.

•Like collapsing in a pile every Friday with a bottle of wine wondering how you made it through yet another week.

Outcomes you can you expect:

•Transformations in your relationship with yourself and others.

•Significant shifts in your mindset, beliefs, habits, and perspective.

•Increased levels of fulfilment and satisfaction in your life and career.

•Incredible success at achieving personal and professional goals.


Who I am:

•A warm, kind, courageous, passionate, fiercely driven and determined Leader with a 20 year career within Financial Services, successfully supporting people at all levels to maximise their performance and be the very best version of themselves. 

•A qualified and certified Personal Performance and Wellbeing Coach (distinction level).

•A dedicated Mental Health Crisis Volunteer.

•A trailblazing change-maker with an unwavering and unapologetic focus on supporting women to stop making do, start making themselves a priority and live the life that they really want.

•An empowerer of women with a unique style shaped by my own individual experience of personal transformation that inspires my clients and reassures them that 'I get it'.

•A Yorkshire lass, partner to Paul and proud mum of two little boys, Oliver and Lucas.

•The expert that YOU need right now to help you find unstoppable success on your terms with without sacrificing yourself in the process. 

What sets me apart from other coaches is;

•My Formal coaching qualification of a Personal Performance Diploma (Distinction) by The Coaching Academy which is internationally recognised and International Coaching Federation accredited.

•My certification in Wellbeing Coaching by The Coaching Academy.

•My 3 step Unstoppable You Success Framework that supports clients in the 3 key areas needed to achieve amazing results and sustain them.

-Self (Mindset, Beliefs and Habits)

-Strategy (The What, The When and The How)

-Support (Responsibility, Accountability and   Encouragement)

•My extensive resources I have developed for my clients following years of research in personal development, mindset and positive psychology.

•My 20 years of Leadership experience helping people at all levels to maximise their performance and be the best version of themselves.

•My coaching style shaped by my own individual experience, development journey and personal transformation that inspires my clients.

•My experience as a dedicated Crisis Volunteer with the Charity Shout.


Complimentary 30 minute call

1:1 coaching and/or mentioning sessions

1:1 Coaching and/or mentoring packages

Group coaching 


Workshops and Masterclasses

All services are typically delivered remotely but face to face sessions can be arranged on request. 


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