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A Different Me

AREAS OF SERVICES: Return to work coaching, Coaching for working parents (privately or within organisations), Corporate consultancy - guiding organisations to implement more effective parental policy & programmes (this involves a wealth of different activities), speaker on working parent-related topics.

The mission of A Different Me is to "enable mums to have the career and family life that is right for them". I provide a safe, supportive, thoughtful community through my coaching to enable working mums to explore the goals that enable a life that works for them and together we tackle the hurdles that they feel may be holding them back.

To help mums find their purpose I can draw on a 20-year career in technology, resulting in an extensive and active network within the sector, I am a trained firework career coach so have the tools to help women work through a career change. My coaching experience of supporting lots of working mums to confidently manage the transition back into the workplace, and beyond as they navigate their careers as working parents, two of my own returns to the workplace and a subsequent complete transformation of my own career path as I discovered my own purpose!


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Sessions are mainly delivered online but can be delivered in person if needed.


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