Between Mums: our story

Hello everyone! I thought it was a good idea to start the new year by sharing a bit more about us and the motivations behind Between Mums.

This is me with my two kids, Amelia and Liam. In 2018, when I was thinking about returning to work after a career break, I realised that I was lacking something. I was feeling out of date, lacked purpose and confidence, and was stuck because I didn’t know how to start taking action. I knew I wanted to do something for myself and my family but I was not sure where to start. Talking to mums at school, playdates, and playgrounds, I realised I was not alone, and those were common feelings that many of us were sharing. I started thinking about how to help those mums, and myself, and here we are with Between Mums.

Our mission is to support mums returning to work after a career break or parental leave to find a new purpose in their careers and to upskill and reskill to unlock their potential. We want to help them to feel empowered to go back to the workforce either in roles according to their skill set getting the wages they deserve or building their businesses. We want to support them to take action on their future selves so they can shine and achieve a fulfilled professional life while they raise their children. 
This is also important because some of these mums, including myself, have returned to work to jobs below their skill set with lower wages than before they became mums, which only makes the gender pay gap even bigger.

According to the Office of National Statistics, 1.4 million women were economically inactive between October and December 2021 because they were looking after their families. On the other hand, according to a recent Working Mums survey regarding Career progression & development, 67.83% said their career has stalled as a result of having children, 55.39% are considering looking for a new job in the next 12 months and 38.06% are looking to change sector in the near future. 

We want to help mums to feel empowered so our first goal for this year is a mindset mini-programme for mums. We are getting ready to launch it very soon with videos and workbooks about confidence, purpose, and clarity and how to start earning the income we deserve. It will be free for mums and will run in cohorts. The waiting list link will be ready soon so watch this space!

As we know well how it feels to be working parents juggling the demands of work and family life, we are looking forward to helping mums in this journey.

Cheers to a fantastic 2023!

Did you know that we have a free mindset mini-programme for mums?

Let your light shine is an online programme about you and your mindset. It is packed with tools and advice from top coaches to face the challenge of getting unstuck, believe in yourself, and feel empowered to move towards your goals with confidence aside from your unique role of being a mum. Find out more and register here!

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