Groups to join to get support and find useful information

As an active community supporting the creation and growth of small businesses, Enterprise Nation offers online free events about a wide range of subjects for start ups as well as a portfolio of advisers in any category you may think when developing an idea or running a small business. The community gives the chance to do networking and meet like-minded people through their events.

A space to connect and network with tips and advice about flexible working. Job posts, recommendations and more from people like you, looking for flexible opportunities and fulfilled working lives.

“She Means Business” is the name of the book written by Carrie Green, founder of Female Entrepreneur Association, one of the resources we talked about it here. This Facebook group is private and the access is given through the purchase of the book (as far as we have seen). Nevertheless, both the book and the group are worth it. Apart from focusing on entrepreneurship content, it also inspires women about having the right mindset for having success and abundance in life.

Created as an space to share ideas, fears, feelings, achievements and to support mumpreneaurs, this Facebook group is part of Business Jump, a website we talked about here that offers services for mums starting a business. Natasha Stewart, it’s founder, shares also personal thoughts and experiences as a mum of four raising a family while running a business. Posts from its members will give you more encouragement and focus to keep working on your projects.