As there are so many areas you can explore when thinking about becoming a coach, every person will have a different route. The best way to start is by taking into consideration whether you want a whole career change or if you want to upskill your profile with a coaching training and then explore the options to make the right decision for you. 

Becoming a coach can be the right choice if:

-You are a people’s person, enjoy talking to others and have a natural desire for helping and give guidance

-You would like to work by yourself offering your own services

-You love the idea of having a positive impact on people’s life


Communities and services to support you along the way.

Aside from the range of courses on offer, this academy has weekly free webinars on different days and time to find out more about coaching is and essential information about the skills needed so you can evaluate if it upskilling and training on this field is for you.

With different Certificate and Diploma qualifications available (online and face to face), the British School of Coaching offers a comprehensive range of courses to train on the subject. They also offer their own coaching services with experts in areas such as career or wellbeing.

To read about pros, cons and tips about starting a career in coaching, get your guide here