According to Women in Tech, only one in six tech specialists in the UK are women, which shows there is no room but to grow and take advantage of a career in this sector.

If you…

-Like analytical jobs where you are challenged to improve business processes, to lead an efficient usage of company resources (like time and money) and feel comfortable working on your own as well as part of a team

-Are a problem solver or have developed a practical approach to problem solving as a mum (and enjoy it)

-Feel comfortable with deadlines, taking responsibilities to deliver projects and results on time and working under pressure (but let’s be honest, which job doesn’t deal with pressure?)

-Like to be constantly updating yourself with the latest releases and versions (yes, it involves studying, courses, webinars, certificates). Keeping up-to-date with available qualifications is essential when working in IT.

What type of jobs are we exactly talking about?

Even though the IT sector has lots of opportunities to develop a career, we will focus on few of them we believe will suit you as an analytical, busy and focused mum:


WHAT IS IT ABOUT? As a CRM (Customer relationship management solution), Salesforce allows businesses to manage and improve relationships with their customers, prospects and partners from one unified platform.

FIRST STEP If you haven’t heard of Salesforce or haven’t worked with it before, the first step would be to study and become certified as a Salesforce Administrator. One of the advantages about this option is that once you get your Admin certificate, your work experience will speak for you.

CAREER PATH The career path in Salesforce is quite broad and you can  develop your career working as a Consultant, in Sales or Marketing (just to name a few).


Official Salesforce learning platform (free to use). You can create your own learning path, upskill on Salesforce by doing hands-on challenges, collect points and badges to get credentials and connect with a whole community within the Salesforce world. 

They offer training regardless of your professional background through online courses, an online community to have support from other mums (and dads) and especially the chance to have work experience in the field. We like the way they have made a Salesforce career fit into a mum’s life and not the other way around


WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Traditionally dominated by men, women are coming forward to join this workforce and to develop coding skills.

FIRST STEP Our attention to detail can be of great advantage to succeed in this area. Bootcamps seem to be a perfect chance to have a lift in your career path and start in a whole new sector. They are short (usually no longer than three to six months), delivered online and with all the support you need to land you in your very first job.

CAREER PATH From Junior Programmer to managing a team of programmers as Head of IT, there are quite a lot of options in between to make your way through.


Their coding bootcamps offer the chance to become a software developer in less than 4 months (in a full time study schedule). They are also part of the skills bootcamp programme we mention here so you can benefit from it by studying at no cost for you.


WHAT IS IT ABOUT? SAP is an enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. SAP solutions facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organisations.

FIRST STEPS Like Salesforce, you can start by exploring SAP Learning Hub as part of its training tools available to anyone interested in pursuing a career in SAP. 

CAREER PATH Your SAP career has many options available depending on your background and work experience (Finance, HR, Sales to name some), as well as your skills and areas of interest within a business.


As the free-to-use learning platform for SAP, it works in a similar way to Trailhead (explained above): get access to their community, find out more about their modules, study path and make an informed decision about starting your career in SAP.

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